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I want to believe. 

On a Saturday walking in my neighborhood, I found this beautiful alien lying on the street floor, the color caught my attention from afar. Without any doubt, I took Ariel (named in honor of the street where I found it -Ariel Road NW6-) with me for the rest of my walk. 

Once at home, I prepared Ariel a spa night, filled the sink with warm water and pomegranate soap. The next day Ariel was beautifully clean, renewed, and happy. 

After some conversations, Ariel decided to be part of something else than my nightstand companion. It is now immortalized, prepared to make you believe, and chat with you whenever you want. 

More than a decorative object, it is a bit of London, a bit of Cadiz, a bit of me and my art process, a bit of the universe, and a bit of you as well. 

There are some air bubbles to make Ariel comfier to breathe. 

Handmade with otherwordly love.

15x15 cm - 1,284 kg.

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